Cameron Dupuy - Accordion

After spending several years as a guitarist, Cameron Dupuy started playing the Cajun accordion at the age of eleven. Born and raised in Kenner, LA, a suburb of New Orleans, Cameron became infatuated with the sounds of Cajun music at an early age, which is appropriate being the son of Cajun musician, Michael Dupuy. His father often took him to gigs where Cameron would always be on stage strumming a guitar, banging on spoons, or any thing he could get his hands on. As a result of Hurricane Katrina, Cameron was exposed to Cajun music a little more after taking refuge in Lafayette, LA. He was immediately hooked on the accordion. Following his return to New Orleans, he received his first guitar for Christmas. It was his constant hearing of Cajun music that made him want to get his father's accordion repaired that had been broken for the past few years.

The accordion was repaired in the early summer of 2008. Cameron was ten years old. He played around but did not take it to the next level until months later. He rapidly learned the songs of his idols, Marc Savoy and Aldus Roger and began playing professionally with his band "Cameron Dupuy and The Cajun Troubadours" along with his father, Michael Dupuy. Cameron plays "Falcon" accordions made my Mr. Randy Falcon in Scott, LA.

Gina Forsyth - Fiddle, Vocals

New Orleans-based Gina Forsyth is an award-winning singer/songwriter, who is known for her wizardry on fiddle and guitar. With an alto as unique as it is soulful, unpretentious songs that cut straight to the heart, and a wicked sense of humor, her live performances are legend. Considered one of the best Cajun fiddlers in Louisiana (no small feat), Gina is in demand from other great Louisiana musicians to play club gigs and festivals, some of the same talent that backs her up when she plays as Gina Forsyth and Friends. Rheta Grimsley Johnson of Daily Journal probably sums up Gina best, “If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the gutsy folk singers who used to roam the earth with their instrument and protest, check out Gina Forsyth. In the tradition of Guthrie, Dylan and Prine she is writing and singing, not just fiddling while America burns.”

Michael Dupuy - Guitar, Vocals

Michael Dupuy was born in New Orleans, in Mid City. He began playing guitar and singing at a young age learing from old country and cajun records his father owned. He began playing with Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys in 1988. After a short stint with the Mamou Playboys, Michael ended up joining his first cousin's band, Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band. He then started the Cajun Troubadours in the early 1990s. Since then, he has filled the Cajun music scene with great vocals and strong rhythm while playing bass or guitar.

-The Mid-City Aces-

The Mid-City Aces are "The Accordion Prince of New Orleans", Cameron Dupuy, his father, Michael Dupuy on guitar, and Gina Forsyth on fiddle.Their music: fresh, bold, acoustic, and firmly traditional.

Pick up a copy of their debut self-titled CD released on 12/22/15.

Aces featured in Acadiana Profile!

The Mid-City Aces band recreates the sound of Lafayette, while living in their favorite New Orleans neighborhood. “What makes Mid-City so unique is it's a really fresh neighborhood, and very artsy, but at the same time there's a lot of old unique New Orleans traditions that are still alive in Mid-City,” says Aces accordion player Cameron Dupuy. . .


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