-The Mid-City Aces-

The Mid-City Aces are "The Accordion Prince of New Orleans", Cameron Dupuy, his father, Michael Dupuy on guitar, and Gina Forsyth on fiddle.Their music: fresh, bold, acoustic, and firmly traditional.

Pick up a copy of their debut self-titled CD released on 12/22/15.

Aces featured in Acadiana Profile!

The Mid-City Aces band recreates the sound of Lafayette, while living in their favorite New Orleans neighborhood. “What makes Mid-City so unique is it's a really fresh neighborhood, and very artsy, but at the same time there's a lot of old unique New Orleans traditions that are still alive in Mid-City,” says Aces accordion player Cameron Dupuy. . .


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CD Reviewed in Offbeat!

Thanks to Dewey Balfa’s profound analogy, Cajun music is often viewed as roots and branches, where a branch later becomes a root of a future branch. The Mid-City Aces, a trio consisting of Gina Forsyth and the father-and-son tandem of Michael and Cameron Dupuy, could be viewed as a branch stemming from Bruce Daigrepont; both Forsyth and Mike have a long musical association with the New Orleans accordionist/vocalist. . .


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